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@Jester_Trading provides daily small caps watchlists including support and resistance levels for members. Jester creates detailed technical analysis charts that emphasize ideal entry and exit levels on his trades. He provides weekly educational videos on different trading topics from beginners to experts. He provides 1 on 1 mentorship training with members on request.

Raw Lotto

@RawLotto focuses on swing options trading, options spreads, long-term investments, and teaches risk mitigation strategies. He specializes in due diligence/catalyst trading and finding A+ setups with the maximum risk vs. reward potential.


@ATL_EN “SPY Sniper” trades with conviction. He prides himself on seeing price action and developments before the algorithms do - he always stays 3 steps ahead. He has ability to find diamond in the rough long term plays, in ETFs and mutual funds. “Sniper” on rejections and bounces. Psychology 101 trader.


@ChaseMacTrades is a catalyst driven trader – whether small caps, OTC, or options. He specializes in his due diligence and finding bottomed out technical charts with upcoming catalysts containing strong risk vs. reward potential. He provides due diligence and a thesis behind his swing trades, and is a great resource for beginner traders starting with a small portfolio.

Zach MTO

@Stockstar319 Zach is a trader that searches for charts that have been consolidating, and looks for a breakout to either the upside or downside. He researches options plays that are either hot or cold, and identifies low implied volatility for swing options. He manages risk by diversification on having a set amount of money allocated for each type fo play – swing trade, day trade, or speculative lotto play.

Options Girl Sandy

@Options_Sandy goal is to help others learn short-term trading strategies to help you become profitable, fast. She uses a simple and proven process, provides concise entries to her trades following the trade with a thesis. She provides great education, trading strategies and trading indicators to the community.


@SupplyDemandBro is a trader with expertise in market principles, technical analysis, and risk management. Consistently identifies opportunities through supply/demand, market structure, and discretionary approach. Mental fortitude and strong discipline drive success. Always striving for improvement to stay ahead in the market.

OG Tigress

@OG_Tigress is an amazing asset to the Signals community, sharing her knowledge of reading filings and her trade ideas on unfound gems - stocks that have not yet been found by the public with tremendous upside potential. She performs hours of due diligence and shares her findings with the community.


@StockSlapper Although his name implies stocks, he focuses primarily on technical analysis of cryptocurrencies. He focuses on longer timeframes and bases his trades off of supply and resistance levels.


@BernieBearstein is the Signals macro-analyst. His strategy comprises of long-term investments and LEAP options. His goal is to educate the retail trader on topics including housing markets, bond markets, global equities, and risk management strategies. He is of the most experienced Signals analysts and provides Elliott Wave technical analysis charts. Bernie is a conservative, long-term investor and provides weekly macro lessons as well as monthly voice discussions on macro markets.


@Eddie_HigherLow solely trades Futures and uses Supply and Demand as his main strategy. After testing out so many styles, he found that Supply and Demand works best for his personality because it forces one to be patient and it helps remove noise from his charts. Eddie also incorporates Volume Profile, specifically POC's (Point of Controls), for added confirmation. He provides daily technically analysis, both bear & bull scenarios, each day.


@HawkHoldings trades small cap stocks, large cap stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. His background is in biotechnology and focuses on longer term swing strategies. Hawk preaches diversification of your portfolio for risk mitigation. He hosts weekly market review sessions to get the community prepared for the upcoming week.

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